4th Edition
August 2015 - More than 3 days of sweet tango dancing
in the chocolate heaven in Brussels.

Thank you!

Marathon del Chocolate 2013 Thanks to your sweet interest we did the 3 rd edition of Marathon del Chocolate 2013! The marathon won't exists without the support of the following chocolate family:

Dulcet sweet djs

DJ Jens Dorr (Cologne), DJ Jens Ingo Brodesser (Brussels), DJ Jorg Haubner (Dresden), Dj Jose Torres (Buenos Aires), DJ Massimo Maugeri (Rome), DJ Mehmet Kavas (London), DJ Naoko Koike (Buenos Aires) and DJ Sidar Ok (Brussels).

Dulcet sweet volunteers

Altug Altay, Bart Buskalion, Cristina Vespro, Ivo Chauvea, Jasna Krajinovic, Jelena Ivanovic, Jonas Maria Joma, Klaudia Sauerova, Linda Knuts, Mathieu Pageaux, Fauve Lybaert, Mark Lybaert, Marilyn Lybaert, Onur, Dounia, Bela, Pilar Gonzales, Sanne Postma, Tim Vermeulen, Veronique Philips

Dulcet sweet chocomasters

Arzu Celebioglu, Alexander Voelz, Edward Yu, Jasna Krajinovic, Natasha Lewis, Vanessa Gorsuch, Kamila Xenie Vetiskova, and Andrej Zachar & Sidar Ok.

The food was prepared by the catering - Eat Smart.

See you choco-later at the 4th edition in August 2015.

Your chocolate team.

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Tango Marathon del Chocolate is represented by
Sidar (General primary contact)
Andrej (General primary contact)
Arzu (Primary contact for sponsors & catering)