Thanks list

We are chocolately happy that we could work with following sweet people to bring you our Marathon del Chocolate 2011!

Special thanks

Jasna Krajinović, Virginia Surdej, Martin Károly, Elina Pietilainen & Pablo Curutchet, Dante & Monik Dominguez, Özgür Karahan & Delphine Blanco, Wesley Terrière, Honza - Jan Opava, Fauve Lybaert, Véronique Euqinorèv, Cees Roele, Thierry Jiménez-Scholberg.


Alienor Mourre, Anita Arama, Carla van Benschop , Charlotte Millour, Chongrak Sivisay, Davidx Tango, Emmanuel Eliah, Henrietta Bewley, Jonas Jordan, Judit Somos, Julien Chloe, Katerina Marmagioli, Leandro Doctors, Linda Knuts, Marie Primat, Michael Schneider, Natalia Saklakova, Oscar Montero, Pilar Gonzales, Romain Vingerhoets, Ruth Dorfel, Sophie Costagliola, Iana Grønhaug, Klaudia Sauerova , Daniele Deh, Malle Alaru, Clothilde Meerhoff, Julie Gitel, Luce F, Lut de Jaeger, Suze Jans, Theresa Steins and Emmanuel Elliah.

Sponsors and partners

We are very thankful to our sponsors and partners that help us create our Marathon del Chocolate real sweet one!

We are sweet and you?

To became a chocolate sweet sponsor contact Andrej!

Official Accomodation

For those, who has already registered to stay in De Maalbeek for extra 10 Euros, will be accommodated at De Maalbeek. For the afterparty you can stay at the place De Maalbeek for the additional 5 euro. Please write us in advance that you need an accomodation for the after party to with following information:

  • Subject of email: Accomodation for After Party
  • Your Name & Surname
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • After party sleeping for night August 14th-15th: YES

Please bring your matress and sleeping bag.
We are only able to provide the sleeping surface in De Maalbeek and there are showers for men and women, toilets etc...
The sleeping venue its self actually is a sports hall and is different than the dancing venue, so people who would like to sleep there can go any time regardless of the marathon hours.

Hostel and Hotels

Please check Hotels near De Maalbeek and Hostels near de Maalbeek on your own convenience.

Free Accomodation

If you did not register to sleep at De Maalbeek, please check out these alternatives: For a possible free accomodation in a local tanguero's place check:

Premarathon Milonga

Do you want to taste tango of Brussels and check the sweet before marathon? We have for you a presweeet option. Premarathon milonga between 20:30-01:00 on Thursday August 11th 2011 with DJ Sidar OK.

Marathon del Chocolate - Official Music Program

Friday18:00DJ Andres Surra Rodriguez
23:00DJ Bärbel Rücker
24:00Opening ceremony
Saturday04:00DJ Jo Switten - El Huracan
08:00Break until 12:00
12:00DJ Florin Bilbiie
18:00DJ Jens Dorr
23:00DJ Mehmet Kavas
Sunday04:00DJ Sidar Ok
08:00Break until 12:00
12:00DJ Michael Rühl
17:30Closing ceremony
Music is played all the time also during catering. Only exception is break between 08:00-12:00, when music stops.

Marathon del Chocolate - Catering Program

Friday20:00-22:30Dinner (Main Dish)
11:00-14:00*Brunch* (Breakfast)
20:00-22:30Dinner (Main Dish)
11:00-14:00*Brunch* (Breakfast)

* After 14:00 until 17:00 packages with food are available at the bar to pick up for those who sleep longer.
** Coffee, Tea, Water, Fruits & Hot chocolate are freely available during whole Marathon.

Workshops & After Party Milonga

After the dulcet Marathon, we continue with sweet workshops and of course with the sugary after party milonga! For more information see other sections!
Do you need a place to sleep for afterparty? No problem, you can stay at De Maalbeek for 5 euro only. See the accomodation section for more information.

Manual del Chocolate

Jens Dorr

"Since 2004 I have regularly put on the music at milongas, festivals and marathons in Germany and Europe. My greatest passion are the Tango orchestras of the 30s and 40s.

"My goal is to create a well danceable and varied mixture of music which inspires the dancers and provides for a beautiful evening full of atmosphere."

Florin Bilbiie

"What I play: Golden Age and Guardia Vieja, some rare old but - to my ear/feet - danceable music. A lot (!) of Canaro and DiSarli, followed by D'Arienzo, Biagi, and Fresedo. I very (very!) rarely mix singers and/or sung and instrumental songs in the same tanda. I play some (little) non-tango if I 'feel' the moment is right. The only guiding principle I have is 'flow'. "Places where I DJed (or will DJ next), among others: regular milongas in Paris, London, Providence (US), etc. Marathons: Malmo, Paris, Rigi, Tosca, Hamburg, Berlin, Palermo, etc. Festivals: TangoMafia Freiburg, Zurich Festivalito, Sitges Paseo, Stockholm 59 After, Bruxelles AperoTango, Basel Ostertango, Copenhagen etc."

Mehmet Kavas

Mehmet is a London based tango dj. He has been djing at various international events and plays traditional tango.

Bärbel Rücker

Barbel Rucker is an experienced DJ who has performed full evening music sets at Tango marathons, festivals, and milongas in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary. She lives and teaches in Copenhagen.

Sidar Ok (DJ OK)

DJ OK is a traditional Tango DJ, who likes to play lots of Biagi, D'arienzo, Di Sarli, Canaro, Fresedo and many others. DJ OK always improvises to have a custom mood for the event, a combination of dancers, venue, atmosphere and DJ mood. His music has a unique character that is like a voodoo toy : when kicked, the dancers feel it inside. When squeezed, lots of emotions come out. He sometimes plays from 78s and long plays to have a nostalgic atmosphere with his discs from 1921-1950 and gramaphone from 1922. Sidar has passed (or is going to pass) sets in :

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina(El Beso, Salon Canning, Milonga 10)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Istanbul Tango Festival 2011, Istanbul Tango week 2011, Milonga 333)
  • Mais du Figier, France ( Milonga 4 Saison marathon)
  • Paris, France ( La Chantier)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Brussels, Belgium (Regular Milongas (Tango Bar) , Balls, Parties)
  • Liege, Belgium ( La mi lune)
  • Ghent, Belgium (Milonga de Gante)
For Dj ing invitations in events, contact him via facebook( or email address (sidarok [/the at comes here] gmail [dot comes here] com)

Michael Rühl

Michael is DJing and colecting tangomusic since 1985. He likes a lot the tangomusic from the 20 - 50's, the most from argentine orquestas, but also from urugay orquestas, he also likes some more new stuff from talentated tangomusicans like Leopoldo Federic, Horacio Salgan..,if it is dancable. Sometime he plays music from musicans from a country side, if they play tangos milongas or valses. (Hugo Diaz, Rafael Rossi...). Electrotango he plays very little, if guests do like it. Alternative music he plays in the cortinas... For DJing he is using flac or wave format, which sounds better like mp3. He loves music style "sentimental y canyengue".

Jo Switten (El Huracan)

El Huracán is the resident DJ of the Liege tangovenue La Mi'Lune and plays in a lot of events throughout Europe. In the traditional style with tandas & cortinas, he makes people want to dance and dance more. His quote: when I am doing the music I 'dance' with everyone on the floor, it makes me very happy. I am at the service of the dancers, their pleasure on the floor is my ultimate goal as a deejay.

Andres Surra Rodriguez

More info soon.

The Main venue

Marathon del Chocolate, Chocolate Workshops and After Party Milonga del Chocolate will take place at De Maalbeek, Rue Cornet 97, 1040 Etterbeek, Brussels, Belgium:

Venue for Premarathon Milonga

Premarathon will take place at Avenue Louse 384, Brussels, Belgium:

Milonga del Chocolate - After party - No registration needed!

On Sunday night 14th of August there will be a marvelous after party where marathonians will get in with a bold discount! Entrance costs only 5€ compare to normal price 12€! The after party will have 2 international DJs and show of maestro couples. We know that you loves to dance and therefore we will continue at least until 6 o'clock in the morning of 15th of August Monday, which is a public holiday. Thus if you will dance, we will play for you!
Are you hungry during dancing? Do not worry, we will have for your tastefull argentinian empanadas!

NOTE: Keep your numbers you will get in the entrance, because there will be a draw to give away very elegant tango shoes, beautiful tango clothes and of course, artisanal chocolates.

Do you want to know, who is coming to after party? Check the facebook event for Milonga del Chocolate.

Music Program for After Party - Milonga del Chocolate

Sunday22:00DJ Bärbel Rücker
02:00DJ Florin Bilbiie
06:00+Party will goes on, until we will dance

Program for Milonga del Chocolate (After Party)

Show Özgür Karahan (TR/FR) y Delphine Blanco (FR)
Tombola Win a chique tango clothes or an elegant tango shoes and of course an artisanal chocolate!

Entrance fees

Participants of Marathon del Chocolate5 €
Non-participants of Marathon del Chocolate12 €
Students10 €

After will take place at  De Maalbeek, e.g. at the venue of the marathon.

Sponsors and partners

We are very thankful to our sponsors and partners that help us create our Marathon del Chocolate real sweet one!

We are sweet and you?

For sponsorship/partnership please contact Mr. Andrej Zachar

Facebook or Email

For questions and answers look at our

Tango Marathon del Chocolate is represented by
Sidar (General primary contact)
Andrej (Primary contact for sponsors & media)