3rd Edition
(15)-16-17-18-(19) August 2013 - More than 3 days of sweet tango dancing
in the chocolate heaven in Brussels.

Dear Chocolate Tango Lovers,

Marathon del Chocolate 2013 Thanks to your sweet interest we are very happy to announce that Marathon del Chocolate 2013 is fully booked!

Do you still want to join us and taste a bite of sweet tango? Come to the premarathon and to the afterparty, both are open for everyone and there is no need for registration in advance. All events take place at the same place. See other tabs for more information!

We are looking forward to share lots of tango and chocolate pleasure with you!
Your Chocolate Team.

Manual del Chocolate

Before you come to the marathon the please read the following chocolate manual:

Manual del Chocolate 2013 (PDF version to download). If you are Volunteer del Chocolate 2013, please check your schedule schedule regulary. Changes might occurres also during the event!

Marathon del Chocolate 2013 - Official Program

Thursday 15th / Public Holiday 20:00-02:00 Premarathon - DJ Sidar Ok - Open to public
Friday 16th 18:00-00:00 Marathon - DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser (Brussels) - Confirmed registration required!
Saturday 17th 00:00-06:00 DJ Jens Dorr (Cologne)
06:00-12:00 Break
12:00-18:00 Mehmet Kavas (London)
18:00-00:00 DJ Jorg Haubner (Dresden)
Sunday 18th 00:00-06:00 DJ Massimo Maugeri (Rome)
06:00-12:00 Break
12:00-18:00 DJ Naoko (Buenos Aires)
18:00-21:00 Break
Sunday 18th 21:00-04:00 AfterParty - DJ Jose Santos Torres (Buenos Aires) - Open to public

Marathon del Chocolate - Catering Program (Preliminary)

Friday 20:30-22:30 Dinner (Main Dish)
Saturday 04:30 Pasteries
13:00-16:00 Brunch (Breakfast)
20:30-22:30 Dinner (Main Dish)
Sunday 04:30 Pasteries
13:00-16:00 Brunch (Breakfast)

Coffee, Tea, Water, Fruits are freely available during the whole marathon.

Marathon Del Chocolate 2013 DJs

The chocolate sweet music will be played by awesome, dulcet DJs.
  • DJ Jens Dorr (Cologne)
  • DJ Naoko (Buenos Aires)
  • DJ Jose Santos Torres (Buenos Aires)
  • DJ Mehmet Kavas (London)
  • DJ Massimo Maugeri (Rome)
  • DJ Jorg Haubner (Dresden, Germany)
  • DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser (Brussels)

Please do not hesitate to say some sweet and respectful words to their hard work! The chocolate sweet atmosphere is neither created by DJs, neither by you, nor by all of us!

Premarathon Milonga del Chocolate
- Thursday August 15th 2013 @ 20:00-02:00

Sweet Tango Family! We are very happy to invite you to chocolate Brussels/Belgium where we are starting our Marathon del Chocolate 3rd edition. The series of sweet events starts with the Premarathon Milonga with the sweet international DJ and co-organizer of Marathon Del Chocolate Sidar OK from Turkey living in Brussels.

Everybody is welcome, no registration is needed, just come and try out the taste of early coming sweet marathonians, the taste of local Brussels dancers and of course prepare yourself for digesting chocolate sweet tandas.

Come and create the sweetest chocolate family atmosphere and share sweet tanda feelings with people from all around the world. Come and see!

Program of the Premarathon Milonga

Thursday 15th 20:00-02:00 DJ Sidar OK (Brussels)
This is a perfect occasion to get ready for digesting of the chocolate sweet marathon, meet local and international dancers and listen to the chocolate sweet DJs! You can find more information on the Facebook event that will be announced soon. More information you can always find at the facebook page of the Premarathon del Chocolate event.

Afterparty Milonga del Chocolate 2013 - Sunday August 18th @ 21:00-04:00

Sweet Tango Family! We are very happy to invite you to the Marathon del Chocolate's 3rd edition in Brussels, Belgium.

Following the marathon, please join us at the after party milonga where you will find sweet international DJs, great dancers and of course tombola with tango shoes and clothes.

Everyone is welcome, no registration required, just come and savour more chocolate tandas with international and local marathoners. You'll find the atmosphere cozy, warm and inviting.

For those who are coming we have special surprise! Come and see!

Afterparty takes place at the same adresse as the marathon, e.g. Rue de Bosnier 42, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium.

Program of the Afterparty Milonga

Sunday 18th 21:00-04:00 DJ Jose Santos Torres (Buenos Aires )

This will be a lovely moment to delight in chocolate sweet tandas, meet local and international dancers and listen to chocolate sweet DJs.



If you need an accomodation please consult www.hoteldefierlant.be and mention that you are our participant.

Tango Couches

If you are looking for a friend that will offer you a place to stay please consult Tangocouches.


All chocolate sweet events: Premarathon, Afterparty and Marathon del Chocolate 2013 will take place at the same place at Rue de Bosnier 42, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

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Catering for main meals will be served at the same place as the marathon!

Thank you!

Marathon del Chocolate 2012 Thanks to your sweet interest we did the 2 nd edition of Marathon del Chocolate 2012! The marathon won't exists without the support of the following chocolate family:

Dulcet sweet djs: DJ Nina Taghavi (Paris), DJ Sanhsara Muniz Rieffestahl (Malmo), DJ Mehmet Kavas (London), DJ Gerald Gardier (Marseilles), DJ Matias de Valentin Alsina (Paris), DJ Sidar Ok (Brussels), DJ Jo Switten (Genk), DJ Massimo Maugeri (Rome) and DJ Naoko (Buenos Aires).

Dulcet sweet volunteers: Anita Arama, Audrey Tai, Charlotte Van Wouwe, Chongrak Sivisay, Dirk Smout, Ekaterina Savova, Iana Gronhaug, Ines Junca, Ivo Chauveauivo, Jalita Aspelin, Katerina Marmagioli, Klaudia Saurova, Leandro Doctors, Linda Knuts, Luce Fayt, Miriam Buttet, Nadia Frolova, Nina Srbiladze, Pilar Gonzales, Sophie Castiaoglia, Viviane Vaz.

Dulcet sweet chocomasters: Arzu, Alexander Voelz, Edward Yu, Fabian Lepere, Jonas Jordan, Jasna Krajinovic, Kamila Vetiskova, Malle Alaru, Mee On, Michal Turlik, Murielle Costa, Oscar Montero, Thomas Ferrero, Virginia Surdej, Utku Gunay Acer, Wesley Terrere and Andrej Zachar & Sidar Ok.

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For questions and answers look at our

If you need an accomodation, please consult page Venue.

Tango Marathon del Chocolate is represented by
Sidar (General primary contact)
Andrej (General primary contact)